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WestPac Cruise 1962-1963

USS BARBEL (SS-580) WESTPAC CRUISE 1962-1963 (REV TWO, CHG THREE) I have emailed or sent via snail mail to every crew member or their wife (if deceased) this document, except for those that are deceased without a relative, or are in the "unable to locate" category and the NOK are also either deceased or unable to be located either. Some have yet to respond and some more data may yet come in that will help me to contact one of the missing, but I really feel this list as it is today is about as good as it gets, which isn't bad considering where John and I started some time ago. Actually the research is kind of fun after awhile, especially when I get someone on the line after 45 years and try to tie the voice to a face that is no longer young. It's been a good trip. I hope that we may have a reunion before we lose too many more of these guys; they were really a good group of people starting at the top with Harry Train who was the best CO I ever had, right down to the mess cooks. I served on three diesels and four boomers in my 21 years and this crew is as fresh in my mind as it was so many years ago--no other boat comes close. I have talked to others and their career experience was similar, somewhere all the line you have the honor to serve with a really good group of shipmates; Barbel was that boat for me. 

 Gary Christensen We are posting names only at this time, contact information is available by sending an e-mail to Edward Hayden, see the "Contact Us" section of the website. - Ed 


Train, Harry D., LCDR, Commanding Officer
Jones, Ray P., LCDR, (deceased Executive Officer)
Killian, Donald J., LT
Langley, Thomas R., Jr., LT
Brown, Ralph E., Jr., LT
Roach, Alan G., LT
Connolly, Raymond T., LTJG
Marlin, Richard E., LT
Larsen, Mark A., ENS
Garrison, Stephen A., ENS
Gerdts, Richard, J., ENS


Anderson, James E., EMC/SS
Denn, Francis J., ENC/SS, (deceased. engineering department)
Fiske, Eugene G., ENC/SS
Gregory, William T., QMC (deceased, operations department)
Scott, Jerry L., TMC/SS, (deceased, Chief of the Boat)
Young, James B.,


Albrecht, George T., Jr., EN2/SS
Amend, Harry J., FN/SS
Ashburn, Wesley O., Jr., MM3/SS, (Deceased, engineering department)
Ballard, John C., SK1/SS
Beachem, Kenneth H., MM2/SS, (deceased, engineering department)
Binford, Thomas, H., ETSN/SS
Bradley, James J., MM1/SS
Brandt, Calvin, E., HM1/SS, (deceased, medical department)
Brooks, Richard C., SM2/SS
Cabanban, Silvestre A., TN/SS
Capitano, Anthony (n), IC3/SS
Christensen, Gary N., ET2/SS
Cochran, Willis O., MMFN/SS, (deceased, engineering department)
Colavechio, Robert, CS2/SS
Cook, Kenith R., RM2/SS
Culverson, Gerald L., RM1/SS
Dowlen, Carney L., QM2/SS
Eisenbise, Ronald G., SN/SS
Ewert, Merlin J., EN3/SS
Finnan, William J., SN/SS
Flick, Peter J., QM1/SS, (deceased, operations department)
Glass, Freddie D., FT2/SS
Goodman, Roy E., ET3/SS
Gott, David E., ET2/SS
Haase, Norman S., SN/SS
Haley, John W., SN/SS
Hallam, John O., EM3/SS
Hinds, Harold R., IC3/SS
House, William L., MMFN/SS
Johnson, Walter, E., SN/SS
Kortering, Earl W., TM1/SS
Lantz, Bruce A., YN1/SS
Liskeny, Stephen, SOS2/SS
Lynch, Thomas E., MMFN/SS, (deceased, engineering department)
Mathey, Robert, L., EN1/SS, (deceased, engineering department)
McCormack, James (n), TM1/SS
McDonald, Michael C., EM1/SS, (deceased, engineering department)
Meyer, Gary O., SOS3/SS
Mitchell, Donald M., IC2/SS
Moekel, Verne J., EN2/SS
Montgomery, Lowell A., ICFN/SS
Mouser, Verdon C., EM2/SS
Muhl, Richard E., EN3/SS
O’Brien, Patrick M., MM2/SS
Ottoson, Charles R., RM2/SS
Owenby, Thomas F., CS3/SS
Owens, Newman (n), EM1/SS
Ozol, William F., EM2/SS, (deceased, engineering department)
Paulson, Robert P., ICFN/SS
Quicker, Ronald E., TM1/SS
Ray, Harold J., ICFN/SS
Reideler, Terrence E., IC2/SS
Rutkowski, Richard T., SN/SS
Sato, Wayne D., RMSN/SS, (deceased, operations department)
Schumacher, Russell T., EM1/SS
Sheetz, Donald K., FTSN/SS
Soriano Florencio P., TN/SS
Spencer, Curtis R., SD1/SS
Star, Ronald L., CS3/SS
Sticksel, William C., TM3/SS
Vescera, Frank C., YN3/SS
Watkins, Charles E. TMSN/SS
Wilson, Robert S., ET2/SS
Wolford, Earl L., EN2/SS
Yates, David R., EN2/SS

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