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2017 Reunion Site to be held in Mobile, Alabama at the Hotel Holiday Inn Downtown Mobile - Historic District

 Tenative Dates are May 10-14 2017
Do not make reservations yet. Details will be posted as they develop.

The tour of the USS Blueback and the Evening Dinner Cruise photos have been posted at www.bgirlsforever.org/photos.


B-Girls Reunion Association 

This site is dedicated to the memory of the B-Girls Boats, they are the USS Barbel, the USS Blueback and the USS Bonefish. The Barbel Class boats were the last of the diesel / electric submarines made in the United States. Here you will find photos, stories and other information concerning activities of the B-Girls Reunion Association, Inc. Official reunions are held every two years. Informal gatherings can occur any time and any where when two or more B-Girls boat veterans meet. Go to the official site here: 


The B-Girls Forever! is finally back online.  There are a lot more things to get posted and I will be working on that as quickly as I can, but I wanted to get this up before the reunion. Watch often as I post more photos, articles and other information concerning the B-Girls submarines, Diesel Boats and submarines in general.


Edward  Hayden, Keeper of the Site

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